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The International Co Masonry – Le Droit Humain (DH)


The Human Right is as an International Federation. This mixed Grand Lodge is present in many Francophone countries and Anglo-Saxon ones. It practices the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, from the first to the thirty-third degree. It has at least 30,000 members spread over the surface of the planet.

History of Le Droit Humain

Until 1881, the history of the Droit Humain to be confused with that of Freemasonry in France, specifically with the history of the Grand Lodge of France.

In 1881, the Scottish Symbolic Grand Lodge refuses to “Les Libres Penseurs”1 East of Pecq, the right to initiate women. On 9 January 1882, the “Les Libres Penseurs” brothers expressed their desire to break away from their Grand Lodge. January 14, they initiated Deraismes Maria.

Between 1890 and 1893, George Martin and Maria Desraim designed a masonic structure that would be able to admit to Initiation Women in Mixed Lodges.

April 4, 1893, the Order of Le Droit Humain is officially founded. In January 1894, the French Masonic bodies are advised that there is now a Scottish Symbolic Grand Lodge Le Droit Humain.

The Grand Lodge will then grow and move in many countries where the formation of “federations”.


Their Declaration of Principles (According to their website)

Droit-humain-ParisThe Masonic Order Le Droit Humain is an initiatic, philosophical and philanthropical institution which mission is to work for the progress of mankind. For the improvement of society, its members work to their moral and intellectual development.

Adogmatic, they place their work out of any religion, any school of philosophy, of any political party. Their approach is based on secular ethics which guarantees to all the absolute freedom of conscience and thought in a spirit of complete mutual tolerance, favoring the shining of the humanistic spirit.

The Masonic initiatic approach, leads to the progressive understanding of the human condition. It proposes to whom engage in it a difficult journey inside to learn more about themselves, understand others and work well in a better world; which is why the ritual invites to “continue the work begun outside the temple “.

The Human Right differs from other grand lodges by three Masonic specificities: the mix, internationalism and the initiatic continuity.



The Droit Humain affirms the equality of Man and Woman, as prerequisite for the development of any progressive society and guarantee of balanced and harmonious development for future generations.



Irrespective of nationalities, ethnicities, cultures, religions, the Freemasons of the Droit Humain are united in a common ideal and are working to conceive Man as a whole, transcending the particularities that contain the seeds of segregation, exclusion and barbarity.

Today the Co-Masonic Order, le Droit Humain International is represented in 70 countries.


Initiatic Continuity

The various steps correspond to degrees from the first to the thirty third. They indicate the level of Masonic education attained by the one who is engaged.

All grand Lodges don’t always have the same Masonic rite, nor an identical organization than the Droit Humain which brings together in a single structure the Lodges of all degrees.

More than a century after its birth, the declaration of the founding members of our Order still remains valid:

Mixed Freemasonry is not a new religion but a human philosophy that seeks to remain on the social humanistic soil. The Droit Humain, the peace between all of on the earth, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: These are the precepts of Mixed Freemasonry thats teaches justice, tolerance and solidarity. (G.Martin)

Address :
Le Droit Humain
9 rue Pinel
75013 Paris

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Notes :
  1. The lodge title can be translated as “The Free Thinkers” Lodge. []