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The Grand Priory of Gauls (GPDG)


Born in France, the Rectified Scottish Rite has been preserved and continues to be practiced in its original purity and integrity under the aegis of several Grand Priories, including the Grand Priory of the Gauls, independent and sovereign. It retains all the rituals in their entirety, as well as the original Constitution: The Masonic Code of  Reunite & Rectified lodges of France and General Regulations of the Knights Beneficent of the Holy City (CBCS) 1778. He practices in an original and authentic way, in Regime mainly the Rectified Scottish Rite.

Grand Priory of the Gauls is not in the precise sense of the term, a Templar Grand Priory. This is a  Rectified Scottish Rite Grand Priory. However, according to the expressed wishes of its founders, it claims having a spiritual filiation with the medieval Knights Templar.


History of the Grand Priory of the Gauls

Grand Priory of the Gauls (GPDG) is an international masonic body administering the Rectified Scottish Rite. It was founded in France in 1935 by the Independent Grand Priory of Helvetia. A directly GPDG dependent Rectified1 Grand Lodge was also created. This Grand Lodge practiced the RER (Rectified Scottish Rite, known as RER in France) in its widest acceptance, having in its Blue Lodges the 4 RER symbolical degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Mason and Scottish Master of St Andrew. Brothers of the Rectified Grand Lodge, of the Grande Loge de France and of the Independant and Regular Grand Lodge for France and Colonies (GLNF) met there to practice the RER.

In 1958, the Grand Priory was forced to join the French National Grand Lodge. Lodges of the Rectified Grand Lodge were absorbed by the GLNF. Lodges of St Andrew were created for the Brothers with the fourth symbolic degree. The role of the Grand Priory of Gaul was therefore limited to the administration of the Rite from the 4th degree. The Brothers of GPDG belonging to other Grand Lodges had to create another Grand Priory.

Grand Priory of the Gauls never really accepted the constraints imposed by the GLNF. He sought gradually to regain control of the GLNF Rectified Blue Lodges.

In May 2000, the Grand Priory of the Gauls broke away from the GLNF to restore the RER as it previously was; a sole organization. Number of Rectified Brothers followed the faithful GPDG (about 50 lodges). Since then, GLNF forbids its members attending the GPDG meetings.

Since that time, the Grand Priory of the Gauls as an independant masonic body, integrated some other rites. It now practices :

  • The Rectified Scottish Rite
  • The French Rite
  • The Scottish Rite
Principles of the Grand Priory of the Gauls

Rectified Scottish Rite aims to maintain and strengthen, not only in the Internal Order, but also in the Masonic lodges, the principles at its core:

  • Fidelity to the Christian religion, based on faith in the Holy Trinity,
  • The commitment to the principles and traditions, both Masonic and chivalric, resulting in the deepening of the Christian faith and the study of the Christian esoteric doctrine taught in the Order.
  • The development of self through the practice of Christian virtues to overcome his passions, correct his faults and make progress in the path of spiritual realization,
  • Dedication to the country and the service of others,
  • The constant practice of an active and enlighted charity to all men, whatever their race, their nationality, their situation, their religion and political or philosophical opinions.

Spiritual realization that the Rectified Scottish Rite proposes for each of its members, is providing him the means is to become a real man, temple of God, one in three persons.

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Notes :
  1. A rectified Grand Lodge is a Grand Lodge using the craft Rectified Scottish Rite. []