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Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest

Sceau du grand collège

The origins of this order are known with any certainty. Some say it came into existence in the late 17th century. However, we find traces of its existence to the 18th and 19th centuries in England, Scotland, Ireland, Corfu, France and probably the United States and Canada. The history of its origin is obscure because that order was known by other names including:

  • Order of Melchizedec
  • Priest of Pilar
  • White Mason
  • Ordre of Holy Wisdom
  • « Nec Plus Ultra » Templar

The Knights of the Temple Priests of the Holy Royal Arch Order has gradually turned off during the 19th Century. At the end of this century, a Mason known as Henry Hotham, who had been initiated into the Order and restored it in Newcastle. He formed the “Royal Kent ” Tabernacle.

For a short time this order was associated with the Allied Masonic Degrees. It was then independent.

A Grand College was formed in York, England and then in United States. Its role is to provide leadership of the Order.

Since 1960, the Knights of the Temple Priests of the Holy Royal Arch has strongly grown. There are now Tabernacles in most country where Freemasonry exists.

It has 33 degrees which are :

  1. Knight of the Christian Mark
  2. Knight of Saint Paul
  3. Knight of Patmos
  4. Knight of Death
  5. Knight of the Black Cross
  6. Knight of Bethany
  7. Knight of the White Cross
  8. Knight of Saint John
  9. Knight Priest of the Holy Sepulchre
  10. Holy Order of Wisdom
  11. Holy and Illustrious Order of the Cross
  12. Priest of Eleusis
  13. Knight of Harodim
  14. Knight of the North
  15. Knight of the South
  16. Knight of the Sanctuary
  17. Grand Cross of Saint Paul
  18. Knight of Saint John the Baptist
  19. Knight of Rosae Cross
  20. Knight of the Triple Cross
  21. Knight of the Holy Grave
  22. Knight of the Holy Virgin Mary
  23. Knight of the White Cross of Torphichen
  24. Grand Trinitarian Knight of Saint John
  25. Grand Cross of Saint John
  26. Knight Priest of Jerusalem
  27. Knight of Palestine
  28. Knight of the Holy Cross
  29. Knight Priest of the Tabernacle
  30. Knight of Redemption
  31. Knight of Truth
  32. Knight of Rome
  33. Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest

The regalias of the Order consist of a long white coat, a tunic as worn by the Knights Templar, and a Mitre. For admission, candidates must fulfill the following obligations:

  • Having been duly installed in the Chair of Solomon (Worshipful Master)
  • Being member of a Blue Lodge
  • Having been raised to the Holy Royal Arch degree
  • Having been armed as Knight Templar (York Rite) or Benevolent Knight of the Holy City (CBCS, Rectified Scottish Rite).