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The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim


The Rite of Memphis Misraim, also called the Egyptian Rite, holds a specific place in the development and working of French (and worldwide) Masonic rituals.

In the first half of the 18th century in Europe traces of the so called “pharaonic rites” can be found. In 1777, in Paris, there was an active Chapter of the “Order of African Architects.” It was a short fifteen years later when the alchemist Etteilla, based in Lyon, founded the Rite of the “Perfect Initiated of Egypt,” and then a geographic diffusion of this stream of freemasonry made its way through Toulouse, to Auch, and Montauban.  At the beginning of the nineteenth century, within many cities of southern France, there appeared the ritual working of the “Friends of the Desert,” but, all of these efforts were halting, many were still born, and only two survived: Misraim and later Memphis.  These last two through time deepened their social, philosophical and fraternal relations and finally merged as a single Rite.

It is a Rite that issues from the traditional stream of Ecossism. Ecossism is a French wording representing the ferment that created all of the higher degrees during the 18th Century. The Rite came to hold the first 33 degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite to which, in due course, it added 66 others. The work has a very strong sense of the esoteric. Several occultists as time went on became practitioners of the Rite such as Gerard Encausse (Papus) and Robert Ambelain.

Blue Lodges
  1. Entered Apprentice
  2. Fellow Craft
  3. Master Mason
Lodges of Perfection
  1. Master Secret
  2. Perfect Master
  3. Intimate Secretary
  4. Provost and Judge
  5. Intendant of the Building
  6. Elu of the Nine
  7. Elu of Fifteen
  8. Elu of the Twelve
  9. Master Architect
  10. Royal Arch of Solomon
  11. Perfect Elu
  1. Knight of the East, of the Sword, or of the Eagle
  2. Prince of Jerusalem
  3. Knight of the East and West
  4. Knight Rose+Croix
Councils of Kadosh
  1. Grand Pontiff
  2. Master of the Symbolic Lodge
  3. Noachite, or Prussian Knight
  4. Knight Royal Axe, Prince of Libanus
  5. Chief of the Tabernacle
  6. Prince of the Tabernacle
  7. Knight of the Brazen Serpent
  8. Prince of Mercy
  9. Knight Commander of the Temple
  10. Knight of the Sun, or Prince Adept
  11. Scottish Knight of Saint Andrew
  12. Knight of Kadosh, or Knight of the White and Black Eagle
Scottish Administrative Degrees
  1. Grand Inspector Inquisitor
  2. Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
  3. Sovereign Grand Inspector General
Esoteric Degrees
  1. Knight of Scandinavia
  2. Knight of the Temple
  3. Sublime Negociant
  4. Knight of Shota (Sage of Truth)
  5. Sublime Elect of Truth (The Red Eagle)
  6. Grand Elect of the Aeons
  7. Sage Savaistre (Perfect Sage)
  8. Knight of the Arch of Seven Colours
  9. Prince of Light
  10. Sublime Hermetic Sage (Hermetic Philosopher)
  11. Prince of the Zodiac
  12. Sublime Sage of the Mysteries
  13. Sublime Pastor of the Huts
  14. Knight of the Seven Stars
  15. Sublime Guardian of the Sacred Mount
  16. Sublime Sage of the Pyramids
  17. Sublime Philosopher of Samothrace
  18. Sublime Titan of the Caucasus
  19. Sage of the Labyrinth
  20. Knight or Sage of the Phoenix
  21. Sublime Scalde
  22. Sublime Orphic Doctor
  23. Pontiff, of Sage of Cadmia
  24. Sublime Magus
  25. Sage, or Prince Brahmine
  26. Sublime Sage, or Grand Pontiff of Ogygia
  27. Sublime Guardian of the Three Fires
  28. Sublime Unknown Philosopher
  29. Sublime Sage of Eulisis
  30. Sublime Kawi
  31. Sage of Mythras
  32. Guardian of Sanctuary – Grand Installator
  33. Grand Architect of the Mysterious City – Grand Consecrator
  34. Guardian of the Incommunicable Name – Grand Eulogist
  35. Patriarch of Truth
  36. Knight or Sage of the Golden Branch of Eleusis
  37. Prince of Light, or Patriarch of the Planispheres
  38. Patriarch of the Sacred Vedas
  39. Sublime Master of Wisdom
  40. Patriarch, or Doctor of the Sacred Fire
  41. Sublime Master of the Stoka
  42. Knight Commandel of the Lybic Chain
  43. Interpreter of Hieroglyphics, of Patriarch of Isis
  44. Sublime Knight or Sage Theosopher
  45. Grand Pontiff of the Thebiad
  46. Knight, or Sage of the Redoubtable Sada
  47. Sublime Elect of the Sanctuary of Mazias
  48. Intendent Regulator, or Patriarch of Memphis
  49. Grand Elect of the Temple of Midgard
  50. Sublime Elect of the Valley of Oddy
  51. Patriarch or Doctor of the Izeds
  52. Sublime Sage, or Knight of Kneph
  53. Sublime Philosopher of the Valley of Kab
  54. Sublime Prince of Masonry
  55. Grand Elect of the Sacred Curtain
  56. Patriarch of the Mystic City
  57. Sublime Master of the Great Work
  58. Grand Defender
  59. Grand Catechist
  60. Regulator General
  61. Prince of Memphis, or Grand Administrator
Administrative Degrees
  1. Grand Conservator
  2. Grand and Puissant Sovereign of the Order
  3. Deputy International Grand Master
  4. International Grand Master
  5. Grand Hierophant

This rite is mainly in use at the Grand Orient of France which is the biggest French Grand Lodge using this Rite. There is around the GOF a constellation of small masonic bodies which are all bogus or clandestine, with real or supposed filiation. We advise you to really be careful with them…